Why do you choose to believe?

“Knowing Him is a thread through every choice, every decision, every part of my existence, and I’m grateful for that… I’m far from perfect, and I don’t have all the answers, because the truth is sometimes I fall way short … Knowing my Savior is what changed everything, and it continues to do so.” – Suzie Eller, “Come to Me”

Why do you choose to believe?
To some this may seem a simple question, to others it may make you pause and think – contemplate.
For me, I was the later as I sat on my deck yesterday morning. It isn’t that I don’t 150% believe that Jesus died for me. But to truly say WHY I CHOOSE v. why I simply BELIEVE it to be true is a big question – don’t you think? To give testimony to what He has done in my life is something that seems to come more and more with ease when talking to others as I dive into opening Elevate – and I am so thankful for that. But a few years ago, to explain my choice might not have come with as much ease as it does today.
How about you? How do you explain why you choose to believe? Does it come with ease for you? Our Board of Directors will be exploring their personal testimonies on paper over the next month or so, and we are excited to share with you all why we have chosen to not only believe in Christ, but also why this mission means to much to each one of us. Continue to watch for our emails, and check out our blog!
A challenge! We would love for you to share why you choose to believe as well for inspiration! Go on our facebook today and share or leave a comment on our blog thread!
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