A note from Melinda…

I wanted to personally take a moment to thank you all for attending Elevate’s Garden Partea Event. We are overwhelmed by the love and support that each of you displayed this past Saturday. We were so blessed by Ginny Owen’s graciously agreeing to fly out to Minnesota to sing for us, and encourage us, and could not have asked for better weather to fellowship with one another outside!
All of you are the first to learn about our Square Foot Campaign to open our next home, and each of you responded in a way that has blessed us so incredibly much this week. Concert and fabulous merch sales aside – your generosity produced over $15,000 towards our next home – there are no words!
In addition, we are so thankful to Northgate Church for hosting our event on the lawn – it was such a wonderfully unique opportunity, and we prayerfully look forward to this event and partnership again next year!
Allison of Allison’s Petite Pastries was such a joy – if you have not check out her website yet, please do so today! Her heart is wonderful, as she didn’t just deliver our order, but stayed and ensured your 3-tier stands were full and everyone enjoyed their food!
We are so blessed as well by our Marketing & Social Media Intern Kaylee and Residential Housing Advocate Carmen. Both were invited to volunteer in the morning, and then stay to enjoy the event, but both worked the event in its entirety. Servant hearts like the ones these ladies have give me hope and excitement for the future of Elevate as we continue to grow and expand in the years to come.
Many new faces have been added to our lovely leadership team pictured here. I am beyond blessed by the fresh perspectives, new connections, and fantastic hearts that have joined our leadership team with the passion to raise Elevate’s awareness this year, and open our next home to meet the community need.. Learn more about each of them on our website.
Many of you have expressed interest in becoming a Volunteer, a Monthly Financial Partner, or even your willingness to connect us with a Corporate Monthly Sponsor – thank you so much! If you didn’t check the box this weekend, but are prayerfully interested at this time, please reach out to me personally – I would love to connect with you further.
Thank you again for supporting us this weekend as we begin our Square Foot Campaign. The Garden Partea was exactly how I imagined it, and I am grateful beyond words. I look forward to sharing updates with you all as we continue forward.
If you have not already started following Elevateor Grace Marie’s Parteas, please do so today and share with your friends and family! Also, our updates are sent by [email protected] – please add this to your contacts so you can receive our movements towards the 2nd home you started to build with us this past weekend.



Melinda McDermott

Founder/Executive Director

Elevate Hope House & Grace Marie’s Parteas