Ephesians 3:16

It’s the weekend! So many of us are enduring so many things at a mile a minute each day it is difficult to know how to balance all the change and responsibilities of life. If you are a parent, you might be navigating a whole new environment for your kiddo’s learning right about now. Or maybe you are heading back to work after working remote since March. Or maybe you are going to continue to work from home while parenting your littles, or working from home and trying to take care of a loved one that needs assistance. Or maybe you are out of work, and trying to pray through trusting in His provision. Whatever your story, whatever struggle you are experiencing, Ephesians reminds us that “He’s got this.” He will strengthen all of us when we put our trust in Him. Elevate is in it’s first year of true operation, and every day seems to present a new challenge we weren’t expecting – we could give up, we could give in to difficulty and hardship, but instead our team continues to pray through it… continues to TRUST in Him – to trust in His plan, that He will provide, and we work hard to follow His path through all its twists and turns. #hesgotthis #ephesians316 #trust #faithoverfear #endinghomelessness