He is here in the middle…

“Can’t go back to the beginning
Can’t control what tomorrow will bring
But I know here in the middle
Is the place where you promise to be
I’m not enough unless you come
Will you meet me here again’
Cause all I want is all you are
Will you meet me here again”

This song resonates as I wake up this morning with little Olivia and decide to send an update out for prayer. We are so close, yet in some moments feel so far from begining to serve these young moms and their children. We have begun out discussions with Common Bond, Hope4Youth and other organizations as we determine the first families we will serve in our first home. We had an agressive timeline this month that has now been complicated by a complication discovered in the basement. It is seemingly easy for me to question myself and whether or not God is truly calling us to do this mission with how many complications and delays have occured, but then I choose to reflect over all He has done.This time last year I had no idea all of the wonderful people He would bring into my life. The congregation of Oak Haven has been such a supportive blessing and now my daughter attends Awana there, and my relationships have become deeper. We have created relationships with the Knights of Columbus who still tireless work through every complication to ensure our young moms have a place to live this winter, even with it getting colder each day. The Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce just blessed us with a gift of $5000, and the Lions of Ham Lake gifted us $5000 this Summer. We have met with lovely Lionesses as well this past month who desire to adopt our families for Christmas. KTIS desires to support when the time is right, and it is such a reaffirming blessing to know that many still support, even in my moments of feeling unable to control tomorrow as the lyric says.

So where are we at? Very close. We will need to aggressively and quickly fix what was found in the basement, and then we will continue with all of our partners that are lined up ready to finish the home. Our new furnace and a/c was installed this week! So we have heat! With that now ready to go, our flooring will be installed in the kitchen and dining rooms this week, while painting is finished up! Our bathrooms are almost set, and once that happens our generous team from Prestige Drywall will be able to come in and wrap up our new walls. Once they are done, Redmans will come in and complete the bedroom carpets. We are almost there!

So what do we still need?
1) Prayer that the right individuals will help us aggressively finish the basement.
2) Prayer that the right families will be introduced to our organization and join us this Fall
3) DONATION: Full size bed headboard and footboard frames. Do you have something lovely you no longer need? Possibly a night stand to match? We are looking for up to 4. Please reach out today!
4) Prayer as I meet with a few more Lions groups this month/December to ask for support.

The last thing I will share with you in asking for prayer is that I have been offered a new promotional opportunity in regards to employment that I have decided to pursue. In just a week I will begin with the faith-based company New Creations as an Executive Director of Licensing and Community Relations. This change comes with mixed emotions, but I am prayerful that it is God’s plan and will allow for more opportunities to continue the profress of Elevate.

Thank you for your prayers and support always.

November 14th this year is Give to the Max Day! We would appreciate your financial support on this day once again. The link to our page can be at elevatehopehouse.org/donate