Are you a planner? Many of us are as we attempt to find a way to navigate this crazy, busy world that we live in each day! But what happens when your plans don’t work out? How do you feel? Does your whole world implode or do you simply shrug your shoulders and move on? Or are you somewhere in-between? God reminds us in Proverbs that we can plan and plan and plan all we want, but HIS plans will be successful -in HIS timing & in HIS way. Our challenge as planners is to learn to trust Him more and more. To not get caught up in what we think should happen, but to realize that He already knows what is going to happen, and that His plan is better and more beautiful than any plan we are struggling to execute on our own. Want to learn more about Elevate’s experience with planning and learning to rely on His plans rather than our own? Reach out today! We still don’t quite have it all figured out (who really does?!), but we have been learning a lot as we trust God more and more and are excited and blessed to have our first home and first family planned to move in. ♥️ #endinghomlessness #hisplansarenotourplans #graceandpeace #timing #prayer #covidcantstopgood

“You can make many plans, but the Lord ’s purpose will prevail.” (Proverbs 19:21)