Springs of water…

“He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water.” Isaiah 49:10b (NIV)

Life is full of decisions. From decisions that seem small like choosing what to eat for breakfast to larger decisions like saying yes to a marriage proposal, deciding where to raise your family, or saying yes to a commitment that will change your current course in life. This scripture reminds us that God will guide us through each decision in life. Lysa TerKeurst once gave the analogy, “Imagine [an] opportunity as an amazingly attractive but fast-moving river. There’s so much that looks extremely appealing about this river that you’re going to be tempted to jump right in. But once in the river, you have diminished your ability to make decisions. That river is moving so fast that it will take you where it is going. And if you haven’t carefully determined in advance whether you want to go all the places where the river flows, you’ll be in trouble.” Her imagery reminds us that stepping out in faith is something God calls many to do, as several of us on the Board of Directors are doing with Elevate, but not everyone is called to “jump right in.” Some may want to take the time to test the water, or walk beside it. Learn more about our organization but reaching out today. Pray over if you might want to be involved and in what role, consider helping us raise our $10K by August 11th, attend our “sneak peak” prayer event, or simply be encouraged that you have a calling, it may not be this one, but take your time alongside the river, and listen close to hear clearly what it is, and then “go.”