“The thief comes…”

“The thief comes…” There are days where I feel overwhelmed in trying to do Kingdom work. Mom work. Work work. Wife work. And so much more “work.” I feel as though I simply am not enough, or that God called the wrong person for His vision. Thankfully, this verse reminds me that “the thief” is at work every time I feel disheartened, or not good enough, or believe in the words others closest to me say out of anger or frustration. This pain is the work of the thief. He comes to kill and destroy, but my identity is in Christ alone! He is the opinion and the strength that matters most. I am thankful for this reminder this morning. For a team that believes in the same vision and is working alongside me to renovate a home so we can support young moms and their kids through a journey to self-sufficiency, and shutting out the thief’s lies, in order to believe God’s truth about His love for them. Join us on August 11th! Elevatehopehouse.org/dayofprayer