My daughter was blessed with the opportunity to go to camp for two short afternoons this week. This was her first real socialization since everything happened in March. Upon coming home, she was filled with a renewed excitement for learning and growing in her faith – at just 6 years old! So many crafts she made to show our family; so many stories to share about her experiences – and this was just from two afternoons! Our largest blessing from sending her to day camp was her desire to share with us what she learned about treasures. She reminded me, very bluntly, that she needs to share her toys and what she has with other kids that don’t have any – like the kids moving into “our Elevate Hope House.” By sharing with other kids, Jesus will have treasures for her in Heaven, and those will last forever. That’s one 6-year-old’s take! How are you able to share your rewards on this Earth? Could you consider giving today to help out families moving in this Summer? Reach out today! #treasure #heaven #choosekindness #covidcantstopgood