So much has been happening this week – it’s exciting, but also overwhelming at times! Prayer will keep the momentum going, and even when obstacles arise, we know that our God is bigger! We must stop doubting Him, and place our trust completely in Him. Often times, that is easier “said” than “done.”
Do you ever find it hard to pray? I do. It’s silly, but I honestly find it easier as of late to pray in a group, for a group even, than I do when I am alone. There is something about the vulnerability of truly opening up “my truth” and seeking help from the only one that can help me in my times of challenge… of need. We pray today that He continues to make the path for Elevate clear, that He continues to guide us in this journey that is completely unknown and not even close to the “picture” I had in my head when it all began. Thankfully, when you know He has a plan, and you see it continue through reaffirmation of steps along the way, you start to believe that His picture is more beautiful than any “ideal” you once held. #givemejesus #grace #hisplan #covidcantstopgood #movingforward