your story

Your story will one day be someone’s strategy.
Have you ever thought about why God put you on this Earth? Why you have walked the path you have walked? Why you have stumbled and been lifted up by Him in some of the toughest moments? You are not alone.
All of us have a story. Many of us work hard to give the credit of our story to God, rather than take the credit as our own. His plan for each of us is to bear fruit. To show His love to others through actions – to be significant in His eyes, rather than successful in the eyes of the world.
This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” John 15:8 (NIV)

How are you following His calling? How are you bearing fruit? Do you have a story that hasn’t been told? Do you have a story that will be someone’s strategy – this week? This month? This year?

Maybe you desire to share your story, but you are scared to take that first step. Then it is time to get on your knees, and ask Him – Father, who do you want me to share my story with today? Make me significant in your eyes, not successful in the eyes of the world. Use me.
Elevate Hope House is always looking for volunteers that God has called to share their stories with our families. Whether you like to cook and want to teach our families how to prepare your favorite meal, or you love to hold babies so one of our moms can have a self-care moment – God is calling you today. Perhaps God is calling you into an even more committed role as a Family Advocate – to share your story, and truly make it one of our mom’s strategies for success out of her current chapter.
Whatever your calling, listen – listen today and act on it.
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