Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid.This phrase is written throughout the pages of scripture numerous times – especially around the time of Jesus’ birth.Mary, a young teenage girl, was told to not be afraid. Unmarried, in a relationship, now pregnant – do not be afraid. Many of our moms, including our founder, faced an unplanned pregnancy. Fear, sadness, frustration, shame, disappointment, doubt, anger – these are just some of the emotions one would expect when news of an unplanned pregnancy is revealed.Yet Mary placed her whole confidence in the Lord. Did Mary understand everything God was doing? Unlikely. Or resent what He was doing? It doesn’t seem like it. Did she think others would judge her? There was probably no doubt in her mind that this would happen.And yet, Mary set her heart to God’s calling for her life, and the life of her unborn son. Uncertainty didn’t impact her confidence in the plans He had for her, nor her trust in Him to take care of her. The unknown was great, but Mary knew her God was greater.Our families have lived challenging lives. They have stories of sadness, of hurt, of fear, of disappointment, of abandonment, of uncertainty, and more. And yet, when they were faced with an unplanned pregnancy – before even knowing God had Elevate Hope House planned for their future – they chose life. And then they chose to come to Elevate Hope House – a place of unknown, but also a place of hope and support and potential for a fresh start. A safe place to make a change for their lives and the lives of their littles.This Christmas, cling to the hope that Mary so easily clung to in such an uncertain time of wonder and calling. Trust in His plan for you. Trust in His love for all of His children, and embrace the next steps He has for your life this Christmas.#Christmas#hope#love#tistheseason#hopeoftheworld#trustinHim#endinghomelessness#intotheunknown#calling#pray#futureisbright