Narrow as the road

When the road seems narrow, when the choices seem difficult – follow the Holy Spirit. Listen to His voice. He is calling you – maybe not on the easy path, but on the path He has for you. That He will walk with you each day.

The moms that move into Elevate make a choice. They can continue on the path they are on, or they can choose to try something new. To trust people they don’t even know to support them and care about them and help them learn self-sufficiency. Even a path with Elevate isn’t easy – sometimes our moms feel like giving up – but in these moments we turn to our faith and we encourage and challenge them to reflect on all they have accomplished in the last year, and all they aspire to accomplish before they leave our home.

Some came to us not knowing about healthy meals, or what a bedtime routine could look likeā€¦ Or even believing God was ever there for them I. Their darkest days. Now, they slowly see Him – or at least are willing to recognize Him in their journey and allow us to pray for them and encourage them and love them in their moments of pain as well as their moments of joy.

His Spirit is leading each day in the lives of our moms and their kids, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to walk this path with them each day.

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